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Professional Hydraulic Cylinder Design
We have a dedicated team specialized in the design, research, and development of hydraulic cylinders.  They are familiar with the technical standards of America and Europe and experienced in product design and reverse engineering.  When we begin each new project, our team carefully identifies our client’s demands and then works to accurately design, analyze, and verify a custom solution for them using state-of-the-art software and methods.  This allows us to rapidly develop and produce prototypes that are a perfect fit for our customers.

Equipment and Facilities
State-of-the-art machining equipment, welding robots, high-efficiency assembly lines, painting facilities, and inspection hardware provide us with everything we need to satisfy your quality demands.

Quality Assurance
Equipped with a comprehensive inspection facility and calibration center, we test chemical composition and mechanical properties of raw materials, perform non-destructive tests of parts, as well as testing dimensional conformance, surface finish, salt spray test, and pressure tests.  Modern inspection equipment ensures that once a product leaves our hands, we know it will live up to your expectations. 

On Time Delivery
Our advanced ERP system allows us to closely follow the progress of an order from initiation to conclusion, and is an invaluable tool in our quest to achieve 100% on time delivery.  Typical lead time is just four to six weeks.

Packing and Logistics
With a host of shipping options reaching all over the world, we can offer reliable and affordable shipping options to suit all needs including by sea, rail, or air.  We’re experienced with packaging requirements for different regions.  Normally products are packed in plywood crates after having anti-corrosion applied as well as being wrapped in foam to prevent dents and scratches. 

Customer Service
Our customer service team always goes above and beyond to please our customers.  Your account manager will be your main contact with us and will coordinate all communication with the technical team, project engineer, quality team, and logistics.