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Tie Rod TR3 Series, 3000PSI

Upgraded on North American ASAE standard tie rod cylinder.
Mature manufacturing process, easy to install and disassemble.
Widely used in agriculture, sanitation and other industries.
Long service life, 2 years warranty.
3000PSI Tie-Rod Cylinders


* North American ASAE standard tie-rod cylinder
3000PSI Working Pressure
* 4500PSI Test Pressure
* 2 Years Warranty

A. R-Clip - Spr. steel, zinc plated (C-Clip optional) 
B. Clevis Pin - AISI 1045, zinc plated
C. End Clevis - High-grade ductile iron cast
D. Piston Nut - Heavy-duty, torqued, self-lock nut 
E. Piston - High-grade ductile iron
F. Piston Rod - High tensile alloy steel, hard chromed. (Nitro-Piston Rod is available) 
G. Tube - Precision honed DOM 1020 material 
H. Tie - Rod - ASTM5140, high tensile, rolled threads
I. Tie-rod Nut - High grade, Gr.10. 
J. Gland - High-grade ductile iron cast
K. Rod End Clevis - High-grade ductile iron cast 
1. Tube Seal - Buna O-ring With a backup ring 
2. Piston Seal - Hallite 755 type, rubber expander, With Wear Ring
3. Piston Id Seal - Buna O-ring
4. Rod Seal - Hallite605 Twin Lips Rod Seal
5. Rod Wiper - Hallite520 Rod Wiper 
    Ports – SAE (NPT port or other can be available) 
    Paint - Black (Custom colors are available) 


Dimensional data in inches
A*: 12.25 inches for 8-inch stroke ASAE cylinders and 15.50 inches for 16-inch ASAE cylinders.
R*: 1.25 inch for 16-inch stroke ASAE cylinders from 3~4 inch bore. 
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